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    Using Advanced Technology to Understand Accidents at Night

    Visibility of objects or pedestrians in night accidents is evaluated in multiple ways -- from simple observations to a review of literature to calculations using published or assumed data to comprehensive experimental data collection and testing using specialized tools and calculations to a combination of all the above. Accordingly, the quality and cost of the resulting work product varies widely. The study is always dependent on investigatory limitations, such as the difficulty of performing on-site measurements and matching other conditions. It is also dependent on the available information or the lack of it and, as such, depends on the reconstruction of the accident. Pedestrian multiple clothing reflectances, movements, and positions in relation to lights and glare at night require a careful and often more specialized approach and are well suited to the technology of luminance imaging. In the case where full-scale measurements are possible, luminance imaging photometers provide large amounts of data that can be used to perform detailed analysis, while providing effective and simple-to-understand visuals. This technology is accessible today to evaluate multiple types of objects or pedestrian accidents in a clear and convincing fashion.

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