Construction Law Virtual Seminar

We invite you to join us for DRI’s first-ever virtual seminar experience! This exciting event will capture everything you need to know about the current climate of the construction industry from the comfort of your office or home. The virtual seminar is available to DRI members for just $100 so don't miss this unique opportunity to learn and connect.

The construction industry is not immune to the challenges and opportunities that confront other sectors of the economy, especially during the current social climate and pandemic. Women- and minority-owned businesses are one key to rebuilding the nation. The whole construction industry must cope with economic impacts and government regulations affecting construction projects during the pandemic. Construction businesses must be aware of constantly changing technology and the cyber risks accompanying that new technology. Layered onto the economic, social and health and safety concerns, there is the ever-changing climate and the need to take that into consideration, both in design and in construction. All attendees—construction professionals, attorneys, and claims professionals—will benefit from this forward-looking program as we address what is going on now, and what’s next for the construction industry. View the brochure.

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