Executive Department

  • Mailroom Coordinator
    Clara Brown
    DRI- Mailroom Coordinator
    Chicago, IL
  • Assistant to the Executive Director
    Nancy Gundlach
    DRI - Assistant to the Executive Director
    Chicago, IL
  • Deputy Executive Director
    Tyler M. Howes
    DRI - Deputy Executive Director
    Chicago, IL
  • Director of Public Policy
    Tim Kolly
    DRI- Director of The Center for Law & Public Policy
    Chicago, IL
  • Executive Director
    John R. Kouris
    DRI - Executive Director
    Chicago, IL
  • Executive Assistant
    Megan O'Neill
    DRI - Executive Assistant
    Chicago, IL
  • Director of Administrative Services
    Mary Ogborn
    DRI - Director of Administrative Services
    Chicago, IL
  • Senior Director
    Nancy Parz
    DRI - Senior Director
    Chicago, IL
  • Project Manager
    Kelly Tiffany
    DRI - Project Manager
    Chicago, IL