For more than fifty-five years, DRI has been the voice of the defense bar, advocating for 22,000 defense attorneys, commercial trial attorneys, and corporate counsel and defending the integrity of the civil judiciary. As a thought leader, DRI provides world-class legal education, deep expertise for policy-makers, legal resources, and networking opportunities to facilitate career and law firm growth. Further, DRI is dedicated to enhancing the skills, effectiveness, and professionalism of defense lawyers, and promoting appreciation of the role of the defense lawyer.

DRI firmly believes that the key to maintaining a strong and fair judiciary is through education, scholarship and advocacy. Education of not only the legal community but also of the general public is critical because, the legitimacy of all our institutions relies on the expressed will of the people; scholarship, because all our ideas and positions must rest on the foundation of demonstrable knowledge; advocacy, because we cannot stand aloof from confrontations within the judicial system and reasonably expect it to remain strong and fair.