DRI Faculty List

Explain Your Case Visually Seminar

| | November 10, 2020

John Swanson

John Swanson received his Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University. He specializes in creating demonstrative evidence and other visuals using a variety of 3D, video, photo, and graphics techniques; forensic video and photo analysis; and scientific 3D modeling and animation for analysis and development of expert opinions, aided by a decade of experience in the field of 3D laser scanning and digital preservation of evidence. He has been an FAA licensed UAV pilot since 2016. Since joining S-E-A in 2009, he has applied his expertise to a wide variety of cases and claims, including vehicle accidents, premise liability, fire loss, construction defect, intellectual property, electrical failure, product liability, and more. He has published in peer reviewed journals and provided expert testimony in multiple states.