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Upcoming DRI Webcasts

Due to certain state bar policies the following states do not grant CLE approval for DRI Webcasts: Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

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  • WEBCAST Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Hot Topics: Avoiding Sanctions - Litigation Holds and E-Disc

    You may think you know the basic framework for e-discovery and discovery sanctions, but think again! Alarm bells are ringing following three decisions on e-discovery and discovery sanctions in cases involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and they could have a significant effect on you and your clients. In this webcast, top e-discovery lawyers will explain and provide practical advice regarding litigation holds, evidence preservation, and document production based on the recent rulings In Re Pradaxa MDL, Actos Bladder Cancer MDL, and Ethicon Vaginal Mesh MDL. Do not get left behind. Register today for this informative and practical webcast.

  • WEBCAST Friday, April 25, 2014

    Revamping the FRCP

    Proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are on the horizon and will affect many significant aspects of federal discovery practice. The proposals will create a uniform national standard for preservation of electronically stored information, a major concern for a multitude of industries that DRI’s members represent. The changes would also reduce the number of presumptively permissible oral depositions and certain types of written discovery. Finally, the rules as proposed are intended to encourage discovery proportional to the needs of the case, as well as foster more active judicial case management. This presentation will navigate the proposed changes to the FRCP, and prepare you for the upcoming changes to federal discovery.

  • WEBCAST Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    Insurance 101: The Duty to Defend

    This webcast will provide an overview of the duty to defend, discussing what the duty to defend is (in contrast to the duty to indemnify), when the duty to defend is triggered, and what issues arise from a carrier’s breach of the duty to defend. This webcast will also discuss issues surrounding the duty to defend under a reservation of rights, including issues arising from the use of independent counsel.

  • WEBCAST Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    Insurance 101: What You Always Wanted to Know About Policies

    This webcast will provide an overview of the different types of insurance policies available to individuals and commercial entities. It will also address “how to read” a policy, common policy provisions, how to differentiate between tort and coverage issues, how to approach and unravel coverage questions, and rules of interpretation and construction.

  • WEBCAST Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    Insurance 101: Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

    This webcast will provide an overview of the litigation of insurance coverage and bad faith lawsuits. It will address the nature of claims typically asserted, the parties, venue, jurisdiction, motion practice, and overall strategic considerations that typically come into play.